Easy Payments with Our dedicated USSD Nigerian Bank Codes

Start receiving payments from clients and customers from any of the banks in Nigeria with our dedicated USSD Bank codes.

Web Integrations

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Mobile Integrations

IOS Swift
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Yes! your payments are now easy.
The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data popular known as USSD is a mobile transfer code banks use for easy payments of services and products. In Watu all you need is to create an account with us and get free unique USSD codes to accept payments easily from customers through any bank in Nigeria. All you need to do is get the code for the bank the client or customer operates with, he dials up the code and the payment is made instantly.
On your Watu dashboard you can copy a USSD code for a bank the client or customer and send directly to the customer to make easy payment
Share your USSD codes directly to customers online with just the click of a button for instant payments to be made
Save your USSD codes directly to your device for easy access to share to customers and clients while offline
Print out your USSD codes and paste where customers and clients can easily see to make payments e.g you can paste at the entrance to your boutique or office
Payment solutions for
every type of business.
WatuLink is a unique feature on the platform that allows users to receive payment from anywhere in the world.
WatuFund feature allows our users to gather fund from people. This feature helps organizations like Churches, NGOs, etc
WatuBill is a unique feature, designed to empower merchants to make more income with little or no capital.
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